What it is.

StoryScore is a number between 1-100 that represents the strength of a brand's Social Brand Narrative - in other words, how well social media content is aligned with brand equity. We use a state-of-the-art social monitoring platform, combined with a proprietary algorithm and human intelligence to calculate a brand's StoryScore.

Why you need it.

Today, most brands use measures of popularity. Likes, Shares, Retweets, etc. to define the effectiveness of their social media programs. While popularity is important, it doesn't tell us anything about how social media is driving brand equity. Piano-playing cats or banal questions like “what's your favorite color?" are extremely popular on social media, but are usually a wasted opportunity to engage consumers in a more meaningful dialog.

How: the opportunity.

Brand Chorus believes that every social media timeline can be read as a Social Brand Narrative – a story created by the cumulative impact of social media posts. If brands are able to manage their Social Brand Narrative effectively, they can use social media as a powerful tool to drive brand equity.

To help brands develop a compelling Social Brand Narrative, Brand Chorus has developed a new measure of social media effectiveness– the StoryScore. By incorporating the StoryScore into existing social media dashboards, we’re helping some of the world’s leading brands measure and monitor how well their social media content aligns with their broader brand strategy.

Know your StoryScore

Identifying your brand’s StoryScore begins with a quick call to ensure we fully understand your brand equity and social media goals. Within five business days, we’ll be back to you with your StoryScore and a detailed diagnostic report.

We’ll update your StoryScore and provide a new report every month. Most of our clients also ask us to include 2-3 competitors in their StoryScore report so they can benchmark social media performance against their peers.

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The Report

There are six components to a StoryScore Report:

  1. Your latest StoryScore.
  2. A Social Brand Narrative Map - a visual representation of your social media themes
    and interactions over the period.
  3. Competitor scores for benchmarking.
  4. Theme Frequency Chart showing which messages and themes are over-/under-represented during the period.
  5. Your StoryScore history.
  6. A detailed diagnostic report showing:
    • What's working/not working with your recent social media content
    • Opportunities to improve your social media content and align it more closely with your brand equity.
    • Strategies to drive a higher StoryScore
The Report

Who's scored?

Clients we work with include some of the world’s leading consumer brands as well as B2B companies, destinations and nonprofits. These are some of the brands we’ve been StoryScoring recently.



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  • Whole Foods
  • Kroger
  • Safeway
  • Clear
  • Chapstick
  • NJoy
  • Logic